ArtePiazza Co. Ltd.

Our Vision
Our Concept

Chapter: 1

The analog voice within the digital

May it be interesting, exciting, Nostalgic or scary…

Through various digital devices, we want to share that
element what makes the analog world fun with our

This is our driving force behind everyone at ArtePiazza.

Chapter: 2

Rough Sketch & Notes

When I like a shape of a cloud, or notice a glass ashtray
in an ordinary cafe reflecting mysterious light,
I casually sketch them.
If I didn't have a sketchbook with me, I would use the blank
space in a magazine or the backside of a paper napkin.
Those scribbles then start to expand into grand images.
A cloud becomes a dense beard of a wizard, and a glass ashtray
turns into a decoration for the throne of a fairy's castle.

Infinite heavens, dark worlds where monsters and goblins wander
and mysterious people players encounter in our adventures and
stories: all begin from sketches of something that moved or
touched us as we go about our daily lives.

Chapter: 3

Objects & Parts

A stone looked very heavy, but was actually made of plastic.
Appeared to be very real, but ended up being fake and
was surprisingly light…

Have you ever had such an experience?

Unconsciously, we observe characteristics of objects and
make assumptions about that object.
Our behavior that follows is based on that assumption.
Based on the size of the stone, we guess its weight.
If that estimate is off, you experience a situation like the
beginning of this paragraph.

For the visual design phase of game production, this is key.
Why do heavy things look heavy?
By returning to the origin and dealing with the nature of
the material, we are able to better organize information.
The result: an expression with more strength and clarity.

Chapter: 4

Scenic Adventures

Where is your hometown?

When we create an unknown world, we treat that place as
a precious home for someone.
At the same time, this place becomes 'your other hometown',
for you, the adventurer.
You want to protect the town against an evil spirit - it's
the place you want to return to as you finish your journey.
This type of emotion is what makes your adventure more
special and memorable.

Computer graphics exist in a digital world.
In the world of digital games, colors and shapes are mere
collections of numerical values.
Transforming the inorganic numerical world into an
irreplaceable home by using interesting ideas and
techniques, accompanied by effort and pain.

This is the ultimate feeling of accomplishment
for a game designer.