Computer Graphics Designer / Illustrator



Computer Graphics Designer / Illustrator

  • ? Creating graphic designs for gaming software (2D/3DCG)
  • ? Creating high definition 2DCG illustrations for smartphones
  • ? Character design and concept design based on skill and experience
  • High rendering skills, or highly skilled in usage of 3DCG tools and movie editing tools
  • Experience in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or 3DCG tools
  • Ability to work fast but can deliver accurate work
  • Base salary starting at 186,000yen (10,000yen less during trial period)
  • Salary at previous positions will be taken into consideration
  • Transportation and other costs are covered
Welfare program
  • Social insurance provided
  • Silver corporate member at Mori Art Museum
  • 10am-7pm (1 hour break)
  • After the second year, flexible work hours and discretionary labor system
  • Five-day workweek, summer vacations, end/beginning of year holidays
  • ? Resume (with photo)
  • ? Work experience (if any)
  • ? Summary of experience in rendering (for new graduates only)
  • ? Computer graphics work samples in color and freehand drawings
  • (for those applying for the illustrator position)
How to Apply

Please apply by pressing the ENTRY button on our website.
Send the required documents to:


Asakusabashi 3-29-3, Taito City, TOKYO 111-0053


Development Promotion Management Dept.

Attn: Recruitment

※Please send in your application via email to

(attachment needs to be within 5MB, compression files need to be in .zip format)


Trial period between 3 months to 6 months