• ? Programming of gaming software (detailed design, coding, testing, debugging etc.)
  • ? Programming of development support tools, or development of server programs based on skill
  • Degree from vocational school or higher (for both new graduates and other applicants)
  • Must have obtained skills in one of the following field as a student:
  • Other applicants must have previous work experience in one of the following fields:
  • Development of 3D games
  • Development of GUI tools (Windows or cross platform applications)
  • Development of scripts and plug-ins for 3D tools (Softimage (XSI)/Maya etc.)
  • Development of smartphone apps
  • Experience in server programming/server engineer
  • Experience in programming language (C++/C#/Java/JavaScript/PHP etc.)
  • Base salary starting at 186,000yen for vocational school graduates
  • Base salary starting at 200,000yen for university graduates
  • (10,000yen less during trial period)
  • Salary at previous positions will be taken into consideration
  • Transportation and other costs are covered
Welfare program
  • Social insurance provided
  • Silver corporate member at Mori Art Museum
  • 10am-7pm (1 hour break)
  • After the second year, flexible work hours and discretionary labor system
  • Five-day workweek, summer vacations, end/beginning of year holidays
  • ? Resume (with photo)
  • ? Work experience (if any)
  • ? Original program (for new graduates only)

Please attach a brief summary (one page in A4 format) of the original program and programming language used

How to Apply

Please apply by pressing the ENTRY button on our website.
Send the required documents to:


Asakusabashi 3-29-3, Taito City, TOKYO 111-0053


Development Promotion Management Dept.

Attn: Recruitment

※Please send in your application via email to

(attachment needs to be within 5MB, compression files need to be in .zip format)


Trial period between 3 months to 6 months