Planner / Scenario writer



Planner / Scenario Writer

  • ? planning of gaming software development
  • ? creation of specification data, UI designs, level designs
  • ? development of script data, adjustment of parameters
  • ? planning and designing games and entertainment applicationson skill
  • Bachelors or higher degree (High School degrees accepted)
  • Experience in Microsoft Office
  • Has interest in entertainment works/products
  • Spirit of hospitality
  • Applicants with the desire to plan and create a complete game are welcome
  • Base salary starting at 200,000yen
  • (10,000yen less during trial period)
  • Salary at previous positions will be taken into consideration
  • Transportation and other costs are covered
Welfare program
  • Social insurance provided
  • Silver corporate member at Mori Art Museum
  • 10am-7pm (1 hour break)
  • After the second year, flexible work hours and discretionary labor system
  • Five-day workweek, summer vacations, end/beginning of year holidays
  • ? Resume (with photo)
  • ? Work experience (if any)
  • ? Required Document

A report with approx.1500 words per theme; choose at least two themes from the following:

* Reports can include images. Files can be in data format such as PowerPoint or Excel

Report Themes:

  • 'The bright and dark sides of my life'
  • 'What is required from entertainment works and products?'
  • 'The history and future of the gaming industry'
  • 'If I were a planner at ArtePiazza'
How to Apply

Please apply by pressing the ENTRY button on our website.
Send the required documents to:


Asakusabashi 3-29-3, Taito City, TOKYO 111-0053


Development Promotion Management Dept.

Attn: Recruitment

※Please send in your application via email to

(attachment needs to be within 5MB, compression files need to be in .zip format)


Trial period between 3 months to 6 months